Unitex/GramLab grows with the help of many people. Below is the list of our partners and sponsors:

Language Resources

Unitex/GramLab Language Resources are mainly built and maintained by the members of the RELEX network, an international network of laboratories specialized in Computational Linguistics that was created by Maurice Gross and his LADL (Laboratoire d'Automatique Documentaire et Linguistique) team. A non-exhaustive list of partner laboratories & universities :

Country Partner
Belgium Catholic University of Leuven
Belgium CENTAL
Brazil Federal University of Goias
Brazil NILC
Brazil Projeto Relex
Brazil PUC RIO
Canada University of Montréal
Denmark University of Copenhagen
England Research and Development Unit for English Studies
France EHESS
France LDI
France LIGM
France LIMSI
France LIP6
France LORIA
France UFRL
France Université de Tours
France University Bordeaux 3
France University Grenoble 3
France University of Franche-Comté
France University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
France University of Rouen
France University of Strasbourg
France University Paris 8
France University Paris-Sorbonne
Germany CIS, University of Munich
Germany University of Heidelberg
Greece ILSP
Greece University of Thessaloniki
Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong
Hungaria Research Institute for Linguistics
Israel University of Tel Aviv
Italy University of Bari
Italy University of Salerno
Japan Information Science Research Center
Korea Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Madagascar University of Antananarivo
Norway University of Bergen
Poland Adam Mickiewicz University
Portugal LabEL
Portugal University of Algarve
Serbia University of Belgrad
Slovakia The Faculty of Economics
Spain Autonomous University of Barcelona
Spain University of Alicante
Switzerland University of Genève
Switzerland University of Zürich
United States Florida International University
United States New York University
United States University of California San Diego
United States University of North Texas

Core & IDE

Country Partner